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      3. Welcome to Dongguan Fusheng Hardware Mould Co., Ltd website
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        ABOUT US

        Dongguan Fusheng Hardware Mould Co., Ltd. Set hardware weighing die and plastic mold integrated design and manufacture of professional processing plants. Founded in early 1998, it is located in Chang'an Town Corner Management Zone, Dongguan City, with an area of 3500 square meters. Since its inception, the company has introduced advanced production equipment, has high-quality skilled personnel, with "precision, speed, quality first" as the purpose of service, the Division's "customer first, quality assurance" business philosophy, has won a good reputation in the industry. In response to the needs of customers, the company will continue to develop in the future with excellent quality, good corporate reputation, more sincere cooperation with customers and colleagues, mutual benefit, win-win, and create a brilliant tomorrow.

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        CONTACT US

        Contact person : Miss Chen

        Telephone : 13922521788

        Mailbox : fsyw@dgfusheng88.com

        Address : No. 14 Zhenxing Road, Jiao Village, Chang'an Town, Dongguan City

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